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Narragansett Bay / NewportTautog Fishing

PostPosted: Mon Apr 04, 2011 4:53 pm
by captain-sheriff
The 2010 Tautog fishing in Narraganset Bay and Newport area Reefs was extremely productive despite all the reports of the declining stock in this fishery. Captain Sheriff is looking forward to another great season. While these are a great fighting fish to catch, the typical charter season for Tautog's will be in the fall where limits are increased making it more feasible to potential clients. There is a possibility that the information below may be subject to change.

16 inch minimum
April 15 to May 31 (3 fish/day)
June 1 - 30 (closed)
July 1 to October 15 (3 fish/day)
October 16 to December 15 (6 fish/day)
In addition there is a 10 fish boat maximum

Different regulations for charter/party boats
1 fish/person to Oct 15
8 fish/person Oct 16 - Nov 30
1 fish/person Dec 1 - 15
Mandatory logbook reporting